Things You Absolutely Have to do When in Queenstown

A vacation in New Zealand is never complete without a visit to Queenstown in the South Island. Situated in Central Otago, our resort town is home to some of the best activities and sceneries in the world, and even in Middle Earth. Places to see, things to do, and activities to try will surely fill any wanderer’s itinerary. After all, our place is dubbed the adventure capital of the world.

Because we want you to have the best vacation and experience possible, we’ve made a list of our top things to do when in Queenstown. Here they are in no particular order.

Eat Hearty

There are a lot of burger joints around the world. And then there's Fergburger. This landmark restaurant has been an institution in our town and a must-visit for all tourists. It has become part of the Queenstown experience.

With burgers' names such as Cock Cajun, Cockadoodle Oink, Holier than Thou, Chief Wiggum, Bun Laden and more, you simply can't go wrong. And if you want a meal fit for a Maori warrior, there's the Big Al—a massive burger that can feed 3 people, or one very hungry person. Another great thing about the place is they're open until 5 am—perfect for when you get hungry after a night out on the town.

Go on an Adrenaline Adventure

Queenstown is home to a lot of adventures, from bungee jumping, sky swings, jet boats, sky diving, paragliding, rafting, zip lining, wakeboarding, to skiing. You have to at least try one of these activities before you leave.

We recommend trying out Nevis Bungy—the highest bungee in Australasia. This activity will have you jumping from a highwire cable car 134m above the ground, and rushing to the ground at 8.5 seconds of free fall. After that, you can enjoy a ride on the world's biggest swing. The experience takes at least four hours, including travelling up and down the mountain.

Take Things Slow and Enjoy the Scene

After a day of adrenaline rush, don’t forget to relax and unwind in one of our luxury villas. As much as there are a lot of things to do, you should also stop from time to time and just take in the beauty of our town. We promise you, it’ll be a sight to behold and more. Lush greenery, crystal clear waters, snow-capped outcrops and mountains, and stunning nature are just some of the things you can enjoy.

When you're in the adventure capital of the world, there’s nothing else to do but to live and experience it in all its glory. Get in touch with us now and fall in love with the beauty of Queenstown and New Zealand.

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